About Classic Kitchen and Granite

IMG_1160Classic Kitchen LLC. has operated with many years of experience in the granite industry already behind aboutimg1us. Our company’s goal is to offer reasonably priced, high quality granite installations with minimal turnaround time.

Craftsmanship makes all the difference. Our attention to quality and detail sets us apart from the other granite providers. When you see one of our installations, the difference is clear. There are never dull or rough spots along our edges. They are as smooth as glass and polished to a high gloss shine. Cuts are straight, even, and level. Seams are only used when absolutely necessary and are so small that sometimes they are almost invisible. Many companies have seams that are anywhere from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick. Our seams generally are less than 1/16 inch thick and do not have chips or nicks in them.

We know that turnaround time is important. Homeowners do not want to be without countertops for weeks on end during a remodel and builders have schedules to keep. On average we can have an installation completed with 7 business days of a finalized order. We have weekly deliveries from local and out of state suppliers to help us get your material here faster.

aboutimg2Price is always a concern. We try to price our granite as reasonably as we can and our per-square foot pricing includes tax, field measurements, fabrication and installation. This gives our clients a bottom line figure that does not change unless the square footage or material choices are changed. We do not charge to cut out sinks, drill holes, or put clips or radius’s on corners.

Please feel free to fax over a layout to receive a free no obligation quote from us. If you do not have a layout and the cabinets are installed we can make an appointment to measure the job in order to
provide an accurate quote. We can provide you with client references and can even arrange for you to visit a previous installation to view our work first hand.

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